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We can offer a wide range of oil pressers that are designed to extract oil from various seeds and nuts. Our oil pressers are highly efficient, durable, and easy to operate, making them perfect for small-scale to large-scale oil production.
Screw model cold oil press machine
screw oil presser equipped bar shape cold press system support cold press. Pure copper Inverter motor offer big power to the machine, L type oil cake recycle system to do more times press to increase the oil yield, smart control system makes the machine very easy to operate, double vacuum oil filter offer the cooking grade oil directly, one machine solve all the jobs.
Hydraulic oil presser
8 models to meet different capaciry request, max pressure 60Mpa offer higher oil yield, 0.36mm oil line offer cooking grade oil directly, double high pressure pumps improve the working efficiency, smart control system makes it very easy to operate, support full cold press
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Steamed bun making machine
The steamed bun making machine is used to make all kinds of steamed stuffed buns, steamed buns, irrigation soup packets, stuffed lardand sugar bread, fried bun and so on.And can make round buns by changing the cutter, can also make pies and mooncakes by adding other accessories
Air Compressor for industial
Mobile screw model air compressor is cutting-edge!
Widely use in Automobile maintenance, construction industry, spraying industry, machinery industry, and so on.
This is the new model move-able screw air compressor for industrial, good at construction and spraying industrial.
Our industrial air compressors are designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries. With their powerful performance and reliable operation, these compressors are perfect for powering pneumatic tools, machinery, and equipment.
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We are a leading company, specialized in producing high-quality Industrial Production Related Products - Machinery
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